Cold Laminating Film

  • In case of waterbased inkjet digital printing is prone to water and moisture. also it can be bleached and discolorated by heat and ultraviolet rays.
  • To reduce the damage and to increase durability the film is laminated on the surface of printing.
No. Product Name Base Film
Ga-001 #2 (Canvas) PVC
Ga-002 #4 (Matt) PVC
Ga-003 #UV4 (Matt) PVC
Ga-004 #6 (Semi-Matt) PVC
Ga-005 #UV6 (Semi-Matt) PVC
Ga-006 #25 (Glossy) PET
Ga-007 #26 (Glossy) PVC
Ga-008 #UV26 (Glossy) PVC
Ga-009 3D(Cat Eye) PVC
Ga-010 Sparkle PVC
Ga-011 Double-side Coaing Film PVC
Ga-012 Double-side Tape PET